Say I Will
Say “I WILL For Animals”

The only things for sure in life are death, taxes — and pets? That’s the message from The Humane Society of Canada, which is launching its first ever public campaign asking people to remember animals when making out their Will

“We wanted to take a light hearted look at death and dying, and ask people to remember the fur faces in our family who have stolen our hearts. When you’re sitting down to write your Will, you want to ask yourself who always loves you. And the answer is, that bundle of fur or feathers right next to you (or on top of your papers if he’s a cat) 

Eight Easy Steps to Making Out Your Will

We’ve come up with eight easy steps to help people make out their Will. People can either do themselves, have a professional advisor do it for them, or work with our professional advisors who will do the work for free because they care about animals and have agreed to donate their services Here

The choice is yours. After all, it is your money

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