Taz A Cool Hand Luke Kind of Cat Featured

  • Taz A Cool Hand Luke Kind of Cat
Taz was a Cool Hand Luke kind of cat—he couldn't stand being locked in. He was, however, remarkably patient with being on a leash, restricted (sometimes even tangled) but out where he wanted to be. He didn't demand anything more than a chance to watch the wonderful mysterious world where wind ruffled his fur as it set so much else a-dancing, where so many creatures came and went, from butterflies that fluttered close, to squirrels that chattered indignantly from a distance. Sometimes he nibbled a little grass, but mainly he sat taking it all in, watching intently, barely moving a muscle, fascinated by everything and utterly at peace with the world. When he couldn't go outside, he took up a post in a window but it was never quite the same. It was a sad song he sang when he saw family outside but couldn't persuade them to let him come out too.
When the family moved close to a busy street and a change of jobs kept the adults away from home more, the walls closed in on Taz. He tried escape with little success. Eventually, he took the Cool Hand Luke route which, for a cat meant he was diagnosed as having an attitude problem. They say there is no cure for that. There are rumours too that too few cats are able to find a good home through the “barn cat” program. Whether that would have been true for Taz will never be known. He was euthanized July 13, 2013 and someone who believes she could have given him enough leash time to keep him happy didn't hear about it until it was too late. For that she is very very sorry.
Oh Taz, how I hope you are happy at last!