In Memory of Mo Davies

  • In Memory of Mo Davies
In Memory of Mo Davies
Born June 5, 1945, in Scotland
Died October 11, 2012, in Toronto

Mo Davies loved cats, car racing, the Toronto Blue Jays, sports in general, and laughter. In Thunder Bay where she received a degree in chemistry from Lakehead University, she named her first pair of kittens after characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She continued the naming tradition with each generation of cats.

Mo worked for the New Democratic Party as an organizer in Ottawa, Regina and Windsor before moving to Toronto, where she turned her considerable skills to fundraising. Since the early 1980s, Mo worked as a consultant with small to medium-sized charities. She became particularly effective at mentoring new fundraisers. Over the years, Mo was active in the Association of Fundraising Professionals, teaching workshops and earning a reputation as a trailblazer for fundraisers in small-to-medium organzations.

Even during the last three years of her life, she loved to keep up with the newest trends and hear what was going on in the fundraising community.

Mo leaves her niece in Scotland, an aunt in New Zealand and many friends in Toronto and other parts of Canada. She also leaves Bottom, Puck and Snout, whom she adopted from the Toronto Humane Society, in the care of friends.