In Memory of Talbot

  • In Memory of Talbot
Talbot was adopted from the London Humane Society in 1995. He had been in rough condition, full of fleas & parasites, fur missing and looking scruffy, however when that face looked at me and the paw reached out to me, that was it... I just fell in love .
Talbot was my miracle boy. Thanks to those fleas, he was infected with hemobartenella and spent the first 11 years of his life fighting those bugs. In Feb/06 with the help of Dr. Cheryl Austin of Western Animal Clinic in London, On. Canada and Dr. Wolf from VIN and a drug called Imizole his DNA was negative !!! So you see miracles do happen. But in addition to that he had a body full of problems, and a heart full of his love of life. He was one of those cats that just loved people and even loved going to the Vets, and was simply adored by his mom and sometimes by his feline sisters, and still is. Talbot was a one of a kind and I doubt that I will ever see another beautiful soul like his. He taught me so much, like who cares if he scratches the furniture, it can be replaced but he can't. As the years went by he taught me patience and kindness as he would simply enjoy what was important to him and take great pleasure in loving those around him. I learned that his dirty butt and snotty nose were just a part of this wonderful boy who was not perfect but in his eyes and mine he was. In October/06 he crashed again with what was suspected as Leukemia in his bone marrow so again we started back on the meds, and this time Chemo was added ... My wonderful boy lost his battle with lymphoma, Wednesday, December 27, 2006, and joined his sister Jessie & his brother Suede at the Rainbow Bridge, and right up to his last breath, he knew just how much he was loved as his mom held him, kissed him goodbye, and finally let him go.