In Memory of Sparky

  • In Memory of Sparky
February 18, 2003, we lost a member of our family. Our beloved mixed
Labrador Sparky left us at the age of 14. She lived a long and happy
life but it was no match for her old age. We couldn't deal with seeing
her suffer with numerous problems surfacing and decided it was time to
put her to sleep. As we took the long road to the Animal Hospital she
lay quite, still and didn't make a sound. Then as we brought her to the
room we held her and told her how much we loved her and that she would
not be forgotten. As the veterinarian euthanized her she layed still
and calm, in 5 seconds her pain and suffering was over. We stayed with
her to say our final goodbyes and to let her know that her suffering is
no more. You will always remain in our hearts and we will always
remember you. You can now rest in peace our sweet angel.

Your family loves you....