In Memory of Smitty

  • In Memory of Smitty
Smitty personified so many of the characteristics that constitute what it means to be a "good" human being.....loyalty, trust, unselfishness, patience, unconditional love....and we loved him the same as we love any family member. He would bound excitedly across the yard to greet you and eagerly escort you out of the vehicle upon returning home, and then take as much attention as he could get before plopping down on the lawn for another nap. He had a strange habit of running as fast as he could in a large circle until he either got too tired or too dizzy to continue, but we never got too tired to watch and laugh at his display! He would follow Dad around the yard during the day and act like he was doing something very important, and we realize now just how important he was. Smitty was ready to leave us long before we were prepared to part with him, and we can only hope that we meant as much to him as he did to us.

We miss you, buddy.
Jim, Norleen, Chris and Mike