In Memory of Smegol Sampson, our little ferret

  • In Memory of Smegol Sampson, our little ferret
January 2003 - December 4th, 2005

Smegol had so much life and energy. There were so many precious moments seeing her scamper across our living room floor. She loved to scoot our dirty socks away and poop every where she was not supposed to. She loved our shoes. She probably weighed under 1 lb. but she could carry away my husbands size 13 shoe which was quite a sight to see. One Christmas we made a video of Smegol the shoe stealing ferret... she was such a star!

She loved to steal my flip flops also was sometimes annoying since I could never find them when I needed them. She had a powerpuff bubbles doll that she would hide everywhere along with these fuzzy dice that had flames on them. It was so funny to see her carry those things around the house because the dice was like 10 times the size of her head.

Little Smegol loved to give me kisses on my lips and my nose. My husband always tried to deture her from doing this because she could get sick from us but she never did. I loved those kisses. When ever I was going to let her out of her cage since she had the top cage in our ferret condo, I would stand really closely and she would jump on to my shoulder and I would take her away.

She loved to poop everywhere but her litter box. It was such a mess, but we did not mind because we loved her so much. She loved Yogies Yogurt treats that looked like chocolate chips and were flavored like banana raisin and peanut butter. We would shake the container and she would come running from anywhere in the house to get those treats.

Everthing belonged to Smegol. She would take possession of anything she could that was down at her level and hide it so you could never find it. IT was quite the game with her, but it kept life interesting.

Smegol was more than just a pet ferret to us. To me she was a girly companion in a houseful of boy cats, ferret and my husband. We could talk about anything together, and she was such a good listener. She loved to climb on me and my husbands shoulders and say hi to us. She would even try to climb up my husbands pant leg which made him giggle because he was so ticklish.

She was so cute when you got her to jump into the air for something. She would clasp her hands together as she missed it. We also liked to hold her off of the ground just high enough so she could get down but could not quite reach it and she would wiggle a squirm and goo out of our hands. Also when she was really tired and we were trying to wake her up and she would wake up, she would slide down the ramp in her cage as if she was gooing down it. So Adorable!

The day I brought Smegol home from the Petco in Sioux City, IA was one of the happiest days of my life. she was originally a pet for my husband, but I bonded with her in such a magical way I never thought possible for a ferret. My husband loved her so much and we cared for her as if we would our