In Memory of Norbert

  • In Memory of Norbert
We got our little kitten Norbert for a few reasons. She was a barn kitten and the runt and had little bowed legs so she walked funny. We knew that she had the smallest chance of finding a home for these reasons and decided that she belonged with our family. The second reason was because my little sister needed a companion to help her through a very difficult time, the first anniversary of her best-friend's death. As a family who has always cherished our animals and understands how much joy they bring we knew that the addition of this small little kitten would be able to help my sister through the hard times ahead of her. And little Norbert did just that. She was the perfect companion for my sister. Every night she slept curled around my sisters neck and was always there to lighten her day. And aside from this, the little ball of fluff had quite the personality! She charmed everyone who met her, including our dog and even our grouchy older cats which is quite the achievement. Some of my favorite memories of Norbert are when she (a tiny little fluff ball only the size of my hand) would chase after our large springer spaniel in her playful kitten-like way or when she would climb up the side of the bed since she was too small to jump up; her face was concentrating so hard that when she finally reached the top she seemed to be smiling with pride in herself. I also loved her little mohawk (the hair on her spine was 3 times longer than anywhere else on her body). She also had a pink rhinestone collar-she knew she was a princess. She won over the hearts of everyone in our family and most importantly allowed my sister to get through one of the hardest times of her life, but then she left us too soon. She snuck into our garage one afternoon and was subsequently hit by a car. She has been greatly missed and we will always remember her as the spunky little kitten that she was. I am also thankful to her for the joy she brought into my sisters life, even though it was only for 3 months, I know that this time was priceless.