In Memory of Arthur

  • In Memory of Arthur
Author was actually his name but eventually he became Arthur. He was with us from November the 30th 2000 to February of 2004 when he passed away due to urinary tract infection complications. We thought he'd be coming home, however, I received the call from the vet telling me that over night he'd taken a turn for the worse and was having respiratory difficulties. As I was ushering my 3 kids off for their day at school, I had to tell the vet to do what he needed to do in order for our beloved Arthur not to suffer; this was done through a shower of tears and a deep pain in my heart. He just couldn't suffer any more in my opinion (and that of the vets).

He was a very special little being and when I went into the SPCA on that rainy November day to adopt a cat I certainly wasn't expecting him! You know, I never even made it around the whole room filled with cages! He picked me immediately (and I him!).

over the time that my kids and I shared with this personality plus cat, we had so many wonderful experiences! He was our friend. He helped me through a tough break-up and my kids through many a sad day (as well as happy!) We will always miss him as he left an imprint of his love on us and we still talk of things he'd do and even laugh about it! So the pain that was caused by our losing him earlier that we thought we would, was made up for in grand memories for many years to come! We feel he had a urinary tract problem when we adopted him and it hid itself for awhile. So if nothing else, we gave him a lot of love and comfort and a good quality of life in a home and not a cage. His previous family had dropped him off because he was "spraying" in their home. Even when his accidents started, we weren't giving up on him!