In Memory of Acacia

  • In Memory of Acacia
Plato said that "a dog has the soul of a philosopher". This was true of Acacia, my black Pekingese with the white blaze. Born in Kansas, he lived his life in the Vancouver suburbs of British Columbia. He belonged to BC Pets and Friends for a time. He would jump on the seniors' laps and proceed to lick them into submission (ears were his favorite)!!

Everyone who met Acacia was really smitten by his personality - assertive, outgoing, Mr. Macho, yet quiet, introspective and loving, with a hightened sense of humour.

He was altogether "untypical" for a Peke. He loved water: rivers, creeks, lakes, the Bath! He would actually float with the geese & ducks on Como Lake in Coquitlam. He didn't bother them and they didn't seem to mind. Innumerable people took photographs of the scene.

He would not be seen dead - so to speak - sitting on anyone's lap. He took his job - guarding me and the property - very seriously. Sitting by the window, growling all night long sometimes, he would be exhasuted by morning. I told him that he worked too hard. He loved eggs and bacon, but only in that order. Although Peke's have zero tolerance for heat he would sit by the oven for two solid hours in a frenzy of perspiration waiting for the chicken to cook. He saw the cat as a threat and if she accidentally ventured near the kitchen during this cooking time, her life was on the line. I tried to tell him that she didn't even like chicken but to no avail. Then when most dogs just wolf down the food - almost before it hits the floor - Accacia savours the moment. The chicken, veggies and gravy are ready, he studies them, he smells them, he circles them then he studies them some more and after what seems like an eternity, he finally eats. This never failed to amuse and amaze me simultaneously.

He had a special quality and presence about him that people were drawn to and not one day in his 9 years and 2 months passed without someone, somewhere commenting on it. He had this uncanny habit of standing still like a statue (with no movement watsoever for maybe 5 - 10 minutes) and staring at a particular person. One of these people once asked me "why is he looking at me like that, what's he thinking about?"

He would never go down the stairs before me, even when I encouraged him. He was a true gentleman.

He won First Prize at Granville Island for being the Most Handsome. He had an extremely beautiful face for a dog.

Every walk and hike we took was always a big occas