In Memory Of MY RALPHY!!!

My Holy Ralphy (He LOVED Being Adored)... Crossed The Rainbow Bridge On Friday, November The 18th, 2011 at 7:07 p.m. ... Where He was put to rest, and passed away in Peace by and through The Humane Method Of Euthanasia.

He was Our Rescue Rabbit -- A Bold White Lionhead Male Rabbit -- rescued back in September of 2009 from a Commercial Retail Pet-Store that had engaged in many a fraction against The Animals being displayed "For Sell & Show" in their un-clean, and most of the time, abandonned grimey and heavily soiled glass kennels! Our Family could not bear to see this little rabbit living in such awful conditions... so, we decided to rescue him first, then take him to a local Animal shelter in a few days' time to help in the finding of his forver home. Once we took him home though... HE FOUND HIMSELF IN HIS FOREVER HOME!!!

He passed away at a tender age of just under three years old, due to G.I. Stasis and Vets not really knowing how to properly treat this condition in Rabbits & Bunnies as well. This has all been a journey of mysterious discoveries for the many vets that treated Ralphy, in the hopes and efforts to work towards improving treatments and medications for The Exotics Species Of The Lagomorph. This has also been A Journey Of The Dis-appointing Discovery of The Commerical Pet Store Market; and much of its careless, amateur, and unskilled staff whereby many of whom, often times, lack the credentials and training in Companion Animal Care, Gentle Animal Handling/Management, and most of all The Sanitary Management Of Commercial Pet Store Kennels For Our Animals.

The March continues For Our Holy & Blessed Little Ones In Life... specifically, For The Ones that have been poorly treated, mis-handled, and or left without proper care and nourishment in such public displays of commercial pet store outlets.
Let's all keep hoping things will get better. In the interim, let's treasure The Memories Of Our Little Ones, and continue to open Our Homes to saving and rescuing One Animal at a Time...

My Ralphy, I Miss You Baby. You Hold A Tender Place In MY HEART & WITHIN MY SOUL!!!