Our Tribute to Hershey

How are you Hershey?
Are you playing ball up there in Heaven?
Are you getting your ears scratched?
You can eat as many cookies as you want now.
Try not to chase the rabbits.
And try not to scare the beejesus out of the cats either.
We just wanted to thank you for all the love you have given us over the 8 years. You were so sensitive to our moods. Your eyes were so expressive; we know you understood us. We loved the way you greeted us at the door; your tail and rear end sure had a life of their own. We laughed when you made your little moans because we were scratching you behind your ears. We loved your gentle nature; the way you would share your bones and toys with the other dogs. When we were at the table, we really thought it was cute when you stuck your wet nose through the crook of our arm. Yes, we know you were just trying to get our attention. When you were outside, we thought it was funny that you made snow angels. You sure loved the outdoors didn’t you?. Yes, we do know that it was your job to act as the greeter on the walking path. We saw the path people that smiled at you.
We only hope that we were able to give you even half as much love as you gave us. We will miss you, our big brown boy.
He loved to play fetch
Eternally loved by us
Ran like the wind
Sensitive to our moods
Hiney had life of its own
Eating machine – loved his cookies
Young forever