brown dog in grass"Animal companions who are frightened of loud noises and bright flashes react in any of a number of ways," says Michael O'Sullivan, HSC Executive Director. "Some pets become anxious or nervous while other are terrified and try to escape – running the risk of becoming lost or injuring themselves," suggests O'Sullivan. "These animals need comforting and to be protected from potential harm."

canada geese in flight

RC Harris Water Filtration PlantThe Humane Society of Canada is concerned about a public safety hazard at the RC Harris water filtration plant that endangers children, adults and animals due to the removal of protective fencing and is asking the City to immediately restore protective fencing that was designed to offset this public safety hazard.

whaleVANCOUVER, June 24, 2009 -- As the International Whaling Commission (IWC) continues its 61st Meeting in Madeira, Portugal, whales and the rest of the world are still being held hostage by Japan, Norway and Iceland according to Michael O'Sullivan, Chairman & CEO of The Humane Society of Canada (HSC): "The killing of whales by Japan and Norway is on the rise. There are 191 countries representing over 6 billion people on earth – and yet, Japan, Norway and Iceland --three of the wealthiest nations on earth continue to slaughter whales in defiance of international law."

summer dog in carVANCOUVER, July 18/2011 – With a dramatic, hard hitting public service announcement: The Heat Is On, The Humane Society of Canada is again launching its nationwide campaign asking people to leave their pets at home during hot weather. Different versions of the multimedia PSA can be found at here.