VANCOUVER, JULY 18 /2012 - Under the glare of the lights, with billions of people watching around the world and with every fibre of their Olympic being stretched beyond their limits, there are some members of their cheering section who sit and wait anxiously for their return home.

catJune 19, 2012, VANCOUVER – The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) is asking anyone who is thinking of adopting a pet to consider going to their local animal shelter or rescue group instead of a pet shop or backyard breeder.

The Humane Society of Canada is asking for your help to save the life of "Makoon," a 30 pound male orphaned black bear cub and his companion, a second bear cub, who was never even given a name. Defying common sense and science, regrettably, earlier today, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger accepted what is in our view, very poor advice from his wildlife biologists and released not only “Makoon”, but also a second bear cub, this one only six months old, into the wild to fend for themselves.

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