MONTREAL, AUGUST 15/99 - The bullfight scheduled to take place next week is an idea conceived by a fool, to entertain an even greater crowd of fools, in the opinion of The Humane Society of Canada (HSC). "Why would anyone in their right mind consider this kind of cruelty to be entertainment," said the charity's Executive Director, Michael O'Sullivan. The event is scheduled to take place next Saturday at Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

"In my opinion, any man who pays to see such an event has serious doubts about his own masculinity. Any woman who goes to a bullfight is either attracted to or dominated by such men. I shudder to think about what it will do to allow boys and girls to attend such events," said the father of two young children.

O'Sullivan has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and extensive hands on experience in working with livestock. During the past 30 years he has worked here in Canada and in over 70 countries on issues affecting animals and the environment.