The Millennium Bug: Doomsday or a Bump in the Road?

"The Humane Society of Canada Y2K Crisis Team encourages animal and nature lovers to remain calm -- do not panic. The Millennium bug is not the end of the world; in all likelihood it really will be just a bump in the road. And at the Humane Society of Canada, we are here to help you and your animals to get over the worst of it. You can count on us." Michael O'Sullivan, Executive Director, HSC.

As doomsday scenarios rifle across Canada -- and around the world -- regarding the Y2K computer bug, it is not surprising that many people are seriously concerned about the potential ramifications of a computer glitch they don't remotely comprehend. There is a great deal of speculation, heightening worries that the so-called Millennium bug will devastate our daily lives. Some people are downright scared.

What if the trains don't run -- will food get to the grocery stores? What if the power grid fails -- will there be heat and electricity? What about the banks and ATM's -- will our money be safe?