Feral Cat “Sparks” Tamed and In a Loving Home


Fast subway trains rocketing through the station, while an abandoned and terrified kitten searches for shelter from the wind and rain, living on scraps amongst the thundering passage of trains, with death, just a slip away.


We responded to this little guy and his cry for help and as a part of our feral cat program, set up a humane box trap and in less than an hour, HSC Chairman & CEO, Michael O'Sullivan, had whisked him away to safety and took him into his home. Thus, beginning a three month rehabilitation period, involving the love and patience of his children, as they gradually tamed this little feral cat, picking up scratches and catching him as he tried to escape, not understanding they were only trying to help him.


Neutered and vaccinated, “Sparks”, has now found himself living with their family of rescue animals.