TORONTO, August 25/2001 – After an exhausting 58-hour journey of more than 7,900 miles (13,640 kilometres) from Vietnam to Canada, three puppies rescued from a meat market by The Humane Society of Canada have found safe and loving homes. The three puppies named Cun (‘beloved’), Muc (‘black’) and Ven (‘tiger’) are all about four months of age. The journey began in Hanoi then on to Kuala Lumpur and from there to London and then on to Toronto.


“The Hanoi market was full of terrified puppies and kittens in cramped wire cages, awaiting slaughter. I still have nightmares about leaving dozens of them behind. I can still hear their cries,” said HSC Executive Director, Michael O'Sullivan, who has worked here in Canada and in over 85 countries during the last 30 years.


O’Sullivan wants to work with the Government of Vietnam and Vietnamese animal protectionists to phase out the practice of killing puppies and kittens and establish a system of nationwide animal shelters. He also intends to return to Vietnam and rescue more puppies and kittens, which he refers to as “the ones we left behind.” His group’s preliminary investigation indicates that the practice of eating puppies and kittens, only about 100 years old, is actually a Chinese one that some Vietnamese have imitated, and is more common in the northern part of the country.