VANCOUVER, December 19/2001 - "Each December 25th, many cultures and nations of Homo sapiens across this great planet, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ," says Al Hickey, Western Regional Director of The Humane Society of Canada.


"And it’s important to remember that we need to include every living creature in our wishes for Peace on the Earth," explains, Michael O'Sullivan, Executive Director of The Humane Society of Canada. O’Sullivan, a father with two small children, and a houseful of dogs and cats, says he can’t think of any better way of doing this than by looking at it from the animals’ point of view:



"...We were there in the manger with the baby Jesus when He was born. But where are we now? Whether we walk, swim, or fly, it seems that there is no place on earth where we can hide from you.


We kept Him warm with the heat from our bodies. The quiet serenity of our presence calmed and comforted Him. The gentle rhythm of our heartbeats stilled His cries.