In Memory of BraveHeart

On A Great Sunny Afternoon ...Fri.June 22nd 2007, I was out and dropped
in at home with my son and let the dogs out before going out again. My
Son Heard a strange noise went to check it out To His Horror The 2 Big
Dogs From The House next door were in my yard he walked down the stairs
off the deck Then What He saw was Like A Nightmare. The Timberwolf was
standing over my Lil 5 Lb Terrie BraveHeart who was barely moving. My
Son was there when he took his Last Breath.*Note A Strong Fence was
just put up last year and there had been digging on other side by the
other dogs which probaly weakened it. We are all Devastated To Lose A
Pet In Sickness Or to be hit by a car but not this to be killed by
another dog........The Human society worker said his back was
broken...........R.I.P. BRAVEHEART YOU'RE IN HEAVEN...........
173 Grenfell Ave., Hamilton Ont., , , Canada
(905) 545-7974