In Memory of Moe

When I was twenty two and pregnant with my first child we moved about three hours north of my hometown and I knew it would be lonely for me. My husband had a cousin with a bunch of kittens that were born and lived outside around his property. There was a little grey long haired kitten that I remembered being born in a litter of four. That was my Moe kitty that I picked out as my pal. She stayed with me through my divorce, my daughter growing up and moving out and even when I was laid off and couldnt find a job and had to travel out of state to work. She traveled with me. She was my companion, always there with me.
June 6, 2006 my Moe kitty's little body just couldnt keep up anymore and she went to kitty heaven after being with me for twenty years. I miss her so much and feel a great loss in my life but I know she is in a better place with no arthritis so she can run and play again. I will see her again. Till then, my heart will always miss her.