In Memory of Dolce

  • In Memory of Dolce
summer, Dolce started limping which was nothing to worry about because
he always found something to get more attention. However, a week later,
i took him to the vet to make sure everything was ok. was osteosarcoma.

Needless to say, we all cried to the thought of loosing him and we weren't ready just yet to let him go. He was only seven.

Vets said we had a good chance since it was relatively in the early
stages, so we decided to operate and we had his bone removed and put in
this metal structure and had to turn the screws to stimulate new
growth. Along with that, we started chemo. The vets were positive,
thinking he was a strong dog.

A week after operating, Dolce had fever, then i took him to the vet. He
was dying because his blood count was way too low....He stayed 5 days,
literally dying....then he woke up, got out of it and came back home....

He was having constant infections due to the metal structure...and he
was tough enough to make it through for 6 months were i quit my job to
take care of him.

Then, his hips got worse. Hip dysplasia it's called....and he couldn't walk no more....

So we thought about it for days, thinking he'd make it once again....but to see him suffer was unbearable....

He was the sweetest thing.

Dolce. I just want you to know that i miss you terribly but i know this
decision was for the best even though i know you would fought this
until the end. I stayed with you until your last breath...and you stay
with me until mine.....

I love you with all my heart.