In Memory of Ash

I had a beautiful cat, her name is Ash except one day (a couple of weeks
ago) she past away and are family really couldn’t deal with it. We
loved her so much, but to our surprise she lived a happy and healthy
life and when she past away she was 19 ½, so she had a great life, But
if I were Ash I have no idea how I would deal with 4 dogs! But she did
just fine and she was a very sweet cat and she would always be friendly
to people, yes, she would get very scared of different people but she
was still very kind to them. She is a sweetheart and Ash didn’t suffer
any pain or anything or disease she past away because of old age. So
she didn’t feel any pains.

Even someone who would
hate pets would still love her, because she is kind and gentle. Ash
wasn’t the kind of cat who would come up to you and block the TV or the
computer to be patted she would just lie down and simply wait to be
patted. She was a great cat. My whole family was very upset when they
saw it happen but we all knew she was very happy where she was, but we
would still all miss her very much. Every night or at least once a week
I would just think about her and talk to myself about how I love her
and miss her and sometimes I say out loud I hope Ash is ok and I love