In Memory of Bailey

  • In Memory of Bailey
It's only been a little over a year since my last entry in the Book of Remembrance, and I still can't believe I have to write this but, Tucker's best friend Bailey has gone to join him, and I can only pray they are having a wonderful time together again. Bailey was just seven years old and so happy and full of life, so seemingly healthy and spirited; Bailey was the most beautiful golden retriever I have ever had the privelage of knowing and loving, he was my sister's dog and his death came as such a shock to me that I can still hardly believe he's gone. It was Friday, September 17th ,2004 and my sister Cheryl, my brother-in-law Peter and their three children Hope, Calvin and Grace were just going out for a walk, Bailey was excited to be going for a walk and was running around the yard and all of a sudden he just fell down and didn't get back up again, his loving family and neighbours rushed to be by his side and tried desperatly to bring him back but Bailey wasn't able to come back from whatever it was that had happened to him, and if he had been able we know he surely would have, because he would have never wanted to leave the family he loved so much. Bailey was a sweet a gentle soul; I remember him at the cottage he didn't really like to swim, he liked to go into the water up to his chest but that was it, until he saw his family go off in a canoe then he jumped right in and swam after them, no way was he going to be separated from the family he loved so much, he was so loyal. And Bailey loved to be loved he couldn't get enough of it he loved when people would get down on the floor to play with him because then he had them right where he wanted them, he was so big and strong and had never realized that he had gotten too big to be a lap dog anymore so he would just knock you right down trying to get all the attention from you that he could. I loved Bay so much and will miss him terribly as will everyone whose life he touched, and to quote an old song that ALWAYS makes me cry, If dog's have a Heaven, there's one thing I know, Bailey and Tucker have a wonderful home. And together I'm sure they will be happily reunited, romping through the grassy hills and meadows chasing each other around, endlessly having fun waiting for the day they will be reunited with their families.

We will Love you always and forget you never Bailey

Mommy, Daddy , Hope, Calvin, Grace, Grandma, Grandpa and Aileen, Auntie Di, Uncle Terry , Lindsey, Holden, Cassidy Makayla and Sport