In Memory of Sassy

When I was younger I got a little puppy named Sassy. My sister and I had wanted a dog for a long time and finally we got one. She was a Siberian Husky. I got to choose her from all her brothers and sisters. I picked her because I thought there was something different about her, I can't really say what it was but there was definitely something. When we got her home my sister and I wouldn't leave her alone, we loved her so much. She would always cuddle beside us when we watched TV. The only problem was that she always used to run away because my parents worked and we had to go to school. Sassy would dig under the fence and go for a long, long walk. My sister and I always worried when she did this that we wouldn't find her again but we always did. One day my parents told us that we were moving to BC. I was so excited, I liked the idea of living some where different, until they told us that we had to give Sassy away! I was furious. There was no way I could leave my dog. We were best friends. I didn't consider her a pet, I considered her more like family. Later that week my day told us that someone wanted our dog. I burst out in tears, it wasn't fair (or didn't seem like it was) Sassy was my dog not theirs. A few days later my dad took Sassy to a farm where these people lived. They didn't even say her name right which made me even more angry. And just like that my dog was gone, I couldn't believe it. I will never forget her. There is no possible way, I loved her with all my heart and she will always be there. No dog could ever replace her, even though I have a new dog, we hold a different bond!