In Memory of Sally Girl

With lot's of tears and sorrow I had to put my 12 year old female german shepherd mix to sleep. She was in heart failure and lingered on for me, the vet couldn't believe it and was also touched by this dogs determination to hang on for my sake; she just didn't want me to be alone. So with a heavy heart I had her put to sleep, she passed on in my arms being loved all her life she knew she could trust me, I said goodbye and thanked her for her wonderful companionship and all her love. My heart aches for her and I miss her so much, the last days my ducks laid with her and the next morning after we buried her these same ducks laid on top of her grave; it still makes me tear up. Sally had a tender loving way about her which touched everything around her, she stole my heart as a puppy wondering around in a busy parkinglot all those many years ago. I know my life has been so much richer because of her and she has left big old pawprints on it.

Sleep well my faithful and trusted companion.

Your loving owner,