In Memory of Buffy

Buffy was the greatest dog. I had her from when I was six years old to a couple months ago, when I was 13. She died on December 15, 2002. That was the worst day in my life. Buffy was my best friend. I loved her so greatly. She was always there for me; when I cried, when I laughed, no matter what, there she was. Buffy was a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier (Miniature Yorkie). She was my very first dog. The day that she died, I was devastated. I'll never forget it. She was such a joyful little dog.

It's been nearly three months now since she left. I miss her so much. I just wish that one last time I could hold her in my arms and hope that it would be okay. But it won't. I'll never forget all the joy that she DID bring in my life, and how wonderful it would be today if I still had her. Although Buffy will never be replaced, my family is hoping to get a new dog, but it will never fill that emptiness in my heart. If she was still here, I know I would definitely appreciate my time with her allot more. I love her and I miss her.

Staci Alexander (age 14)