In Memory of Milo

Jan4/95 - May 17/02

My little bear has left my side and what a road he travelled in the short seven years he was on this earth. A sad lesson in trusting and believing someone had done right by his parents, only to learn that I had walked into a bear trap (glorified puppy mill). I did everything I could for him and many helped along the way, but at the end, when a tumor next to his brain was found and the fits of unexpected aggression would flare like a bomb, my heart aches for you Milo, I wish I could of done more for you, but I was at a loss with your inner pain. Grandpa followed you over the rainbow, so you aren't alone now and one day I will be with you in a place where puppy mills and the people from hell that run them.... they won't be anywhere to be seen. I love you and miss you as much. My broken heart will always have love for you!

Love your mum, Carol