In Memory of Pinky

  • In Memory of Pinky
I try to write a nice eulogy about each of my pets when they go. It helps me get through it and it helps to know that in this way I can introduce others to my beloved pet.

To most of my friends and colleagues pinky was the "crazy one". I could never take her to a doggy park, she just couldn't be trusted with other dogs.

She ate pillows, plastic, blankets... Pretty much anything. She was very high energy and when she saw a leash we could hardly get her to stand still long enough to put it on.

But like all the "bullies" she loved people, all people, whether they liked her or not.

My mother used to say "I didn't sit on this couch to get kissed by a dog".

That didn't matter to pinky, you get down low enough, you get kissed.

For 2 years pinky was plagued by unexplained medical problems. She was on medication and had blood tests every 6-8 weeks. But she never complained, in fact any vet who got close enough got a kiss, no matter how many times she was poked, jabbed and prodded. That was just pinky, she could never be angry with a human.

She lived barely 8 yrs, I thought we would have her for much longer, so I allowed myself to complain about her quirky ways. Now I am sorry, did she know we loved her. Does she know how we miss her. I cannot even imagine leashing the other dogs for a walk without pinky running in circles and barking with uncontrollable excitement. Who will lick germs eyes, her adopted brother, who has always suffered from bad eyes. How will we eat Friday night dinner without pinky's head on her dads lap waiting for a crumb.

It is amazing how empty a house can seem when there are 4 people, 6 dogs and many cats living in it- not to mention 2 guinea pigs, a ferret and a hamster.

But that one missing soul makes all the difference.

I meet many dogs every day and I love to meet the "lucky ones" the ones that live in a home that will keep them forever. Unfortunately I meet many unlucky ones. I guess pinky was lucky, she lived a short life but in a home with a family who never gave up on her. But I think that really it is us humans who are the lucky ones. Pinky never held a grudge- she didn't get walked as much as she would have liked. She got reprimanded for barking etc. but that didn't matter to her, her love was pure and that is why we are the lucky ones.