My Name is Bunny





Hello, my name is Bunny I was
left to die in my mommy’s arms on Sunday, October the 5th,
2008. Today… would have been the special day of Thanksgiving, that my
little soul would have given thanks to the lord, for sharing this Holy Day with
my dearest loved one – my owner, my master my mommy. I keep telling the Lord,
that I was, oh so, looking forward to sharing this Day of Love… and... The Lord
tells me that He was looking forward to it, too! I ask The Lord “why didn’t
they try to save me???... Why didn’t they care??...”, and All the Lord can do…
is weep.


I have stopped asking this question in Heaven… For the Lord weeps with what is
happening on earth; especially to God’s Little Ones of Pure and Natural
Holiness. From environmental degradation to using innocent little animals, as
objects of and for testing our market consumer products for greedy and hurtful
endeavors (ie. Animal testing for skincare products, shampoo, soap, perfumes,
cologne, etcetera,) no wonder The Lord WEEPS over HIS DYING PLANET!!! I guess I
was hoping (during my last dying hours in pain and agony in that cold ER
waiting room), that somebody might care by showing compassion!

I remember
seeing from the heavens above, my mommy being left alone with my dead body in
room#4; the hospital staff left her there, to grieve over my deteriorated body…
I hope my future little brothers and sisters won't be pushed down to the bottom
of your list of “Animals Of Pet Value” versus” Animals For Utility.” I might
not be too big in body mass or size; I may not be a hunter of other animals.
What I do have to offer to God’s Animal Kingdom and God’s Humanity would be
vital nourishment for the soil of the earth, and spiritual nourishment for the
hearth and soul of my masters who are striving to save a dying planet. Holy St.
Francis of Assisi calls me, “His little sister.” The lord calls me; “The Easter
Bunny.” my mommy calls me, “My little angel…” For when your pet dies, a par of
you goes with your little Angel of Life. How I wish the doctor and nurses would
have tried to ease my pain and agony during my last dying hours on earth.
Whatever you do in life, may it be done accordingly with kindness, love and compassion
for and towards God’s Creatures….”For whatsoever you do to the lest of my
brothers and sisters, you do to me.” Happy Thanksgiving; Have an up-coming
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; Have A Solemn and Holy Blessed Easter in
2009 as life, during Lent Season, often times reminds us to recount and reflect
upon the wounds of life and the hurtful actions of others.


If you happen to see me, or another bunny, hopping about in your garden and
rose bushes, please say, “ Hello”… and , if you happen to see another” little
furry friend”, (like myself), dying in the arms of its earthly servants and
masters/// for the Love of Bonniest Rabbits…. Please come and show what you
care about God’s Little Ones in life.

Respectfully and for the love of God,