In Memory of Stripey

Oh Stripey, how I still miss you so.
Stripey was given to me when I fell off my first bike and tore my knee up at 4 years old. I am an only child and Stripey became my best friend, brother and playmate, 17 years later he was nothing short of what matters most in my world. Often his face, meow and gentle nature come to my mind. 7 years have passed since we put Stripey down, when I was 21 and my heart still bleeds for him as it did that day. I will never forget the way he looked at me that day, as if he was grateful and understood. As if he was thanking me for being there for HIM after all those years. I stayed with him until 15 minutes after he was gone. He has stayed with me since. I miss your outlandish meow and your 5 pound head big boy. The vet always said if he was human he'd be the biggest rugby player the world had ever seen...