November 29, 2004, VANCOUVER - December 1st is World AIDS Day and The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) says that animal companions can play an important role for those living with HIV and AIDS.


Toronto, Dec 12/04 - Each year, tens of thousands of dogs and cats are lost. Wandering away from home, they may be at risk from illness or injury. Some may die, end up in a research lab, or be sold or adopted into a new home - and The Humane Society of Canada is trying to do something about this crisis by offering to help animal lovers and their pets living in the United States.


January 28, 2005, VANCOUVER - The Humane Society of Canada's (HSC) fourth annual report: Protecting Animals and the Earth 2004: A Special Report from the Humane Society of Canada (HSC), providing a comprehensive overview of the world's top stories and events in 2004 that affected humans, animals and the planet, is now available.


VANCOUVER, December 22/2004 - "Each December 25th, many cultures and nations of Homo sapiens across this great planet, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ," says Al Hickey, Western Regional Director of The Humane Society of Canada.


February 1, 2005 - February 2nd is Groundhog Day and The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) is asking people to look past using cute groundhogs to "forecast" the arrival of spring and use this popular day to learn more about this fascinating and beneficial animal.