What is it now? I have to worry about something else? No, but you need to be aware of it.

  1. You remembered to 'street proof' your kids. You told them to look both ways before they cross the street. To wear a helmet when they're riding their bike, skateboard or rollerblades. You've told them not to talk to, or accept rides from, strangers. You've warned them about drugs and smoking. What about dogs?

  2. Dogs are one of the greatest friends your children or your family will ever have.

    They are our friends, our companions, and they teach our children responsibility and respect for others.

  3. In fact, all of the above reasons are part of the problem. Most dogs never bite anyone, so we become busy, or don't even think about it, or even worse pretend it could never happen to us or to our children. That simply isn't the case.

  4. Please read the section on Tips for Child Safety and Tips for Dog Owners and explain and practice the safety tips with your children.

  5. Never under any circumstances leave even your family dog alone with infants or small children. We need to be very clear on this, because children have been maimed and killed this way.

  6. We all agree that it's important to teach children responsibility, but be realistic. If you have a small child and a very large dog, or even a very excitable smaller dog, don't ask your child to try and walk the dog by him/herself. The last person in the world who will probably admit to you that they can't walk your dog by themselves is your child.

  7. Be safe; enjoy your dogs and those in the neighbourhood. Be aware of the need for safety for your children and your family.