On Tuesday, September 11 2001, the world changed forever. The Humane Society of Canada is working to help people with their animals




One of many search and rescue teams looking for survivors and victims

Since those awful events of last Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the HSC has been very busy on a number of fronts.

Please read our release, Humanity Under Attack , for details of our activities. We have compiled a list of Resources, Contacts, Testimonials, and other useful items, noted below:



To Donate

The Humane Society of Canada has activated its Emergency Rescue Fund. We also have many useful items available in our OnLine Store, including our Animal First Aid Kit


Reports and Correspondence

  • This account of a blind man escaping the WTC
  • This letter talks about animals left behind
  • This letter discusses the need for funds to help the rescue-animals
  • This article appeared in the Halifax Herald about a dog that found a survivor
  • This letter from the ASPCA
  • America: The Good Neighbour , which appeared recently in the Toronto Sun newspaper; a reprint of a CFRB radio broadcast by Gordon Sinclair which was first heard on the 5th of June, 1973 and became a part of history when it appeared in the Congressional Record.
Read our Special Report to see how terrorism is affecting animals worldwide