Disaster Relief for Animals Affected by Hurricane Mitch

When Hurricane Mitch slammed into Central America, the animal victims were the last things on anyone’s mind. “That’s why we sent relief aid to Belize, one of the nations hit hardest. Included in the shipment were specially designed HSC Animal First Aid Kits,” said HSC spokesperson Michael O’Sullivan. In thanking us, the Government of Belize said:

“…we sustained agricultural losses, to crops, cattle and to wildlife. But with time, hard work and the support of organizations like The Humane Society of Canada we will recover…”

Clear cutting of forests and other environmental degradation caused heavy mudslides and other problems. The HSC has developed a special Emergency Alert Decal for your window to notify rescue workers that you have animals inside. We also have made available a checklist of supplies and steps you should take to prepare ahead of time before disaster strikes.