The Humane Society of Canada’s is a registered Canadian charitable organization (BN #81196 4493 RR 0001) and depends entirely on donations to support our charitable mission to protect animals and the earth. We are open 7 days a week to help animals. Our financial information can be found here through this direct link to the Canada Revenue Agency's Charities Directorate website.

Money Spent on “Good Works” or Charitable Programs to Protect Animals and the Earth

Some consumer advocate organizations suggest that at least 60% of a charity’s expenditures should go to “good works” or to support their charitable programs.

For FY 2008, The Humane Society of Canada spent 78% on our charitable programs.

At the Canada Revenue Agency website please review our official Registered Charity Information Returns and examine the section marked “Expenditures.”

Add the figure for line 5000 (“Total charitable programs expenditures”) together with the figure for line 5050 (“Total gifts to qualified donees”) and this will give the total amount of money spent on “good works” or charitable programs.

Next examine the figure found at line 5100 (“Total expenditures).

Finally, divide the total charitable programs expenditures by the total expenditures and the resulting figure is the “good works” or charitable programs percentage.

In the case of The Humane Society of Canada, the calculation looks like this:

Line 5000 (Total charitable programs expenditures) $ 480,158
Line 5050 (Total gifts to qualified donees) $ 58,272
Total $ 538,430

Divided by Line 5100 (Total expenditures) $ 689,575

“Good works” or charitable programs percentage 78%






Additional Information

Over the last 17 years, The Humane Society of Canada has spent nearly $1.6 million more on “good works” or charitable programs than is required by the Canada Revenue Agency.

But wait, that’s not all. This year, The Humane Society of Canada, also received over one million in donated goods including office space, veterinary care and supplies, computers, air fare & accommodations, office equipment and services from ad agencies, lawyers, accountants, and specialists in computer and information systems, government affairs, international relations and treaties, trade, conservation and animal protection, volunteers and others which are not included in our report to the Canada Revenue Agency because those who donate these goods and services do not ask for tax receipts.

Our Commitment

We promise to use every one of your hard earned dollars carefully and wisely. And when it comes to fighting cruelty, we don’t give up. Ever.

Any information you provide to The Humane Society of Canada is used strictly for our own charitable purposes to protect animals and the earth. We do not rent, trade, sell or exchange your personal information with anyone.