Laureen Harper with Michael O'Sullivan and family TORONTO, September 16, 2011 - For distinguished voluntary leadership, The Humane Society of Canada is proud to recognize Mrs. Laureen Harper’s exceptional animal welfare efforts with their 2011 Heroes for Animals Lifetime Achievement Award.


Presented at The Humane Society of Canada’s headquarters in Toronto today, Mrs. Harper said that she is honoured to receive the award and hopes that this recognition will inspire others to become involved in animal welfare.

“Compassion for animals is the mark of a civilized and healthy society,” says Mrs. Harper. “Canada’s true heroes are the thousands of staff and volunteers who work in animal welfare. They protect, they shelter, they rescue and they adopt animals across the country. I feel truly fortunate to be in a position where I can assist them by supporting their work.”

The Heroes for Animals Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a lifelong dedication and commitment to the protection and welfare of animals with a compassion and dedication that is an inspiration to all Canadians.

The prestigious award is shared by only a handful of people and organizations, such as Marilyn and Ken Thomson, for their behind–the-scenes animal welfare efforts that have made Canada a more humane and just society and INTERPOL, for its work in combating wildlife traffickers and bringing environment outlaws to justice.

Since living in Ottawa, the Harpers have fostered more than 160 cats, with three rescue cats, Cartier, Gypsy and Stanley, now taking up permanent residence at 24 Sussex Drive. Through their network of friends and family, they have found foster and permanent homes for hundreds of other animals.

“Fostering animals from shelters and rescue groups is an essential component to an animal’s recovery and adoption into a loving home,” said Michael O’Sullivan, Humane Society of Canada’s Chairman and CEO. “The Humane Society of Canada thanks Mrs. Harper for setting an example for all Canadians by helping animals and helping to further build and sustain a truly humane society. She is an inspiration in action”

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Laureen Harper Accepts the Lifetime Acheivement Award from Chairman & CEO Michael O'Sullivan

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[For more than 17 years, Al Hickey was the Chief Executive of the BC SPCA and before that headed up the Alberta and BC Chambers of Commerce, and was the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver. He has been The HSC Western Regional Director for over 12 years. He has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. For his lifetime of achievement dedicated to helping people, animals and the environment, we have bestowed upon him our prestigious Heroes for Animals Award, shared by only a handful of people and organizations.

A father with two children, and a houseful of dogs and cats, Michael O'Sullivan has worked across Canada and in over 110 countries during the last 40 years helping people, animals and nature.]

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