On June 27th 2009, my little Cockatiel named Amarelo flew away, and now he is lost somewhere and I need him back. He is my best friend and I love him with ALL of my heart! When we got him from a friend, she told us that he was a boy, but then another friend told us that he was a girl, and we never got it checked oDut. So we just went with him being a boy. He is 4 years old, and is a little baby. He is dark and light grey, white a little bit of white mixed in there. his wings have white spots on them, and his head and crown and yellow and grey. His cheeks are covered with little orange feathers to cover his ears. He is easily scared, but is very friendly and loveable. He is very attached to my dad, and will listen to my dad no matter what. He does have a band on his leg, but we are not too sure what is on it, but we would know our baby anywhere. I have been crying since it happened...and I really need him back. He is my best friend and I love him to death! He went missing in the McCowan and Finch area in Scarborough Toronto, in Ontario on June 27th and I don't know where he is obviously. So please someone help me find my little baby!!!

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1S 4H7
416 291 0784
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