Kiki lost in Whitby, ON

Kiki is a 4 year-old male cat. His breed is domestic short haired. He is about medium size. Kiki has green eyes. His fur is black and white. He has a blue collar and a golden/brass coloured tag. The tag has his name and our address/number. Kiki is neutered and De-clawed(so we are worried that he can not protect himself) Kiki’s face is mostly black but has white around his nose and mouth(it sort of looks like a triangle). The top part of his body his all most all black, expect for a white patch near his bum, and a line of white across his shoulders. Kiki’s underside is all white. His front paws are white and his back paws are black at the top and white at the bottom. The skin at the bottom of his paws are a brownish-black color. One of the most distinctive things about Kiki is his nose. His nose is half pink and half black. Kiki’s tongue is pink. He has white whiskers. He also has hair sticking out of his ears. I know this might sound a little weird but Kiki is my best friend, and I miss him dearly, so if you see him please take him in and call me and my family. If You have any leads please contact us immediately. Thank You Very Much.

Whitby, Ontario, Canada, L1P 1R4
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