Cinderella needs a new home in Mississauga, ON

cinderella.jpgMy name is Cinderella… really it is! I know it well as I come meowing whenever I am called! I am 12 years old but you would never know it…I feel and look like a kitten! I am a short-haired tabby and don’t shed very much and one of my favourite past-times is sleeping in my little bed while my mom works on the computer! Another is giving me any piece of string and I’ll amuse myself for a long time! My sister Genny and I get along very well and although it would be great to go to the same home as she does, it’s okay if we don’t. Cats need their teeth looked after just like humans and just so you know; I have a tooth that the vet said should come out. I’m going to miss our family too but just like my sister, I know that our new owners will be great! Please call my mom at the same number 416-820-0369!

Mississauga, Ontario, 416-820-0369
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