Have You Seen Jaspurr in Fonthill, ON?

Jaspurr is a beige/brown/dark grey tabby with black markings. The underneath padded paws are black. His tail has 3 black rings closer to the tip. The tip of his nose is black and his chin has some white. He is a male 6- 7 years old and is neutered. He has up to date vaccinations. He is medium size and has finer features. He may be a bit shy at first but he is very loving and loves to be held and cuddled. He likes to sit on your lap with his paws just slightly over the knees. He loves to be held on your shoulder . He is very gentle . He was last seen on the front veranda Sept.17/08. Please call if you have seen him or even think it might be him. Not knowing what has happened is hard.


Fonthill, Ontario, Canada, L0S1E2
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