The Swiss Miss & Duder/Buddy are looking for someone(s) to love...

swiss.jpgIt is with a heavy heart that we are making this post, but the time has come for us to re-home our family cats. I gave birth to our first child 6.5 months ago, and the significant decrease in attention they've been getting since is upsetting both them, and us, as we don't have the time to dedicate to them with a fussy, demanding baby.

duder.jpgOur cats are used to getting 100% of our attention (they were our first 'kids'), and we're not meeting their standards... We're looking to re-home them together, as they're brother & sister, and were the only 2 in their litter. They are VERY affectionate & LOVE attention. They would do well in an adult only home, or one that ALREADY has kids. We're sick over this, but it has to happen. They are both up to date on their shots, have been indoor cats, come with 2 littler boxes, 2 scratching posts & a few toys. They turned 7 this April. If you're looking for cats to love, and receive in return, we'd love to hear from you!


Newmarket, ON, Canada, L3X 2T6
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