In Memory of Kristina Mari Penney

In Memory of Kristina Mari Penney

December 21, 1988 – April 2, 2006

Kristina was an animal-lover from an early age. She had a cat as a pet for most of her life – Boots; Spice; Patches and Beau were their names – as well as fish and hamsters. She used to always say that when she had a house of her own she would have several dogs, cats and likely a horse as well!

She loved both wild and domestic animals and always tried to make friends with them as you can see from the picture of her at 3 years old feeding a chipmunk in Algonquin Park.

Animals loved her as much as she loved them; her aunt in Montreal always had dogs, and they loved Kristina who would take them for walks if they were visiting us or we were visiting them.


When Kristina was approximately 10 years old she insisted on donating some of her own money to the Humane Society even though she didn’t have a lot.

That is why, when Kristina died suddenly, we felt it would be appropriate for people to donate to the Humane Society as a way of remembering her, because that is something that was important to her.


We will always love and remember Kristina, our darling daughter and sister to Daniel; she left us too soon!

Leena & Stephen Penney