In Memory of Max Eisler

In Memory of Max Eisler

(Dec. 26/94 to Sept. 26/04)

Max was born on Boxing Day, 1994 and was with us for exactly 9 years and 9 months. He was the sweetest little ball of fur as a baby and actually looked more like a bear cub than a puppy when he was brand new! Although he was a shepherd / malamute / wolf cross, he grew into a very regal-looking, pitch-black shepherd with white on his chest and paws.

Max and my son, Steve, were the best of friends and grew up together. Max took on a personality very similar to my son, so I often told people that I had two sons; one with fur and one without! Max was an integral part of our little family and while he loved us both, there's no doubt that Steve was the most special person in his life. Watching his eyes light up when Steve came home from school would bring tears to my eyes.

The tears still come, every now and then, wishing he was still here with us. He was cherished while he was with us and continues to have a strong hold on our hearts. I still talk to him every day just to let him know how much we miss him and that he will NEVER be forgotten.

Thanks for all the pennies from Heaven, Max! I know you're watching over Stevie and I every day.

With never-ending love, from:

Mom & Stevie