In Memory of Blazer By Choice

In Memory of Blazer By Choice

The first time I saw my dog Blazer, the breeder had him and another puppy for sale in a baby stroller. She had put Jovan Musk Oil perfume on him and he smelled so good. She explained that he was a rare color called blue merle and the white streak down his forehead was called a blaze. I chose him over the other puppy. Hence his name was registered as "Blazer By Choice." He was so pretty every time I looked at him, so I began to call him "My Pretty Boy" more than I called him Blazer.

My Step-Father used to say Blazer didn't know how lucky he was to have me, but it was the other way around. I was lucky to have Blazer.

He was also very smart. He learned to sit, lie down, crawl, come, and stay.

A lot happened during the 14 years I had him. My Step father, my Momma, my Nephew, my Brother, and my Sister-in-law died. When I would cry, Blazer would lie at my feet and look so sad as if he knew I was upset.

Since I live alone he was a lot of company for me and so loyal too. Having Blazer was just like having a baby. When I ate, I had to feed him. When I went to bed, he would lie on the floor by my bed. When I went anywhere, I had to make sure he was o.k. So I miss him all the time. Old age took its toll on his body, but he was still pretty until the end.