In Memory of Jesse

In Memory of Jesse

A beautiful little torti, hit by a car, laying there by the side of the road crying for her babies, came home to live with me for 10 wonderful years. Because of the love of Jessie, a rescue group was started and many moms and kittens have been rescued and adopted. The hardest day of my live was the day I had to say good-bye to you my Jessie, but I could no longer let you suffer. With your brother at your side, making sure that you were OK, I knew you were telling me that it was time to leave us.

I miss those beautiful dark eyes and the head butts, but most of all I miss the way you loved me for loving you. Scared, broken and starving you arrived in June, 1995, and in the end all the love and Veterinary care just couldn't stop your kidneys from killing you, so I made that decision to let you leave me in peace and surrounded by loving hands that held you till your last breathe August 4, 2005.

On earth you guarded your home and family, now in heaven you are our Guardian Angel, still watching over all of us.

Till we meet again my beauty

Mom & everyone who loves you.