In Memory of Smokey

In Memory of Smokey

My Dad rescued her from a barn when she was just a baby. She had fallen through the barn loft floor and was left to fend for herself. She was a shivering little ball of fur and ears when my Dad found her that day. He brought her home in a box with a blanket and a jar filled with warm water. I was 12 years old when we got her and my sister was 10. We fed her with a syringe until she was old enough to start eating cat food. I remember she was always so excited to be fed that we had to put her in a sweat sock to keep her from scratching at us with her little paws! She was so cute! She was rambunctious and loveable and she always wanted to be held and petted. Smokey was the best cat ever. When we whistled and called her name she would come charging out from wherever she was with her white tipped tail straight up in the air racing towards us readying herself for a nice long visit filled with tonnes of purring. Smokey even had a belly button - she had a white tummy with a black dot of fur in the middle and that was her belly button. After 18 years of a wonderful life with us out in the country, Smokey could barely walk anymore and she barely ate anything. When we picked her up, she would meow because it was uncomfortable for her. So, we decided to lay her to rest and put her to sleep - it was the hardest thing that my Dad and I ever did. My Mom said good-bye to her at the house and my sister said good-bye to her the night before. We buried her in the yard by her favorite "look out" rock where I'm sure she's "looking out" over us for eternity.


We miss you Smokers and we love you very much!

Meow Meow!

Your human family