In Memory of Tigger Marie

In Memory of Tigger Marie

Born October 1993 - Died: July 22, 2003; Daughter of Cricket (3rd litter). Tigger Marie stayed inside the first five years of her life. She always stayed on the couch with her "human dad." Tigger Marie had an adopted sister, Bonny Lynn. Where you saw one, you saw the other. They lived on the back porch (inside) with outside access. When Tigger Marie learned she could go outside, she loved it. She would lie in the sunshine all day, not wanting to come in at night until her human dad said 'well, let her and Bonny Lynn stay out at night if they want to'. This became an outside adventure for both of them. In the cold winter, they would come in on the back porch, lay on the hot water heater or clothes dryer where they would be warm. Tigger Marie had a brand new bed this past winter to keep her warmer because she was more cold natured this year. Anytime she was inside, when her humans went to bed, she would crawl under the covers to sleep, always at her human's side... Tigger Marie never left the outside of her fenced in yard. She and Bonny Lynn were territorial. Yesterday morning @ 5:00 a.m. it became the time Tigger Marie would leave her humans. Some irresponsible human let their Pit Bull run loose and it jumped Tigger's fence and killed her. I do not know how to justify my days without her here. She was so loved and she loved so; and she is so missed. You could throw her a (nerf) ball and she would hold out her paws to catch it. She had her own toy box. Tell her to go get a toy and she would bring it for you to play is never the same without her... Bonny Lynn will not be the same; she misses her "sister". You can tell.

Tigger Marie is buried in the back part of her "fenced in yard" where she would sleep in the summer, which failed to protect her - as did her humans. You can say it was her time to go...but I would have liked to keep her a little longer...

Before she was wrapped in her Pink Towel and her burial clothes, her hair was brushed as she loved this so much. You could tap on the freezer and she would jump up and wait for you to brush her hair and tell her how pretty she was. So I brushed her hair one last time and then she was laid to rest. The joy she brought into her human's lives - can never be replaced as she was a unique and special little girl... God Bless her & keep her until we see her again..

Tigger "Tigney" Marie
Granny's Baby Girl & Daddy's "Blanket"

We love you Tigger, yes we do
We love you Tigger, Tigger Roo
You are my baby, baby cat-cat
I love my Tigger, where are you at-at!