In Memory of Kumo

On October 30 2002 we had to put down our cat Kumo. He was 6 years old; In August he was in and out of the vet office about 6 times due to crystals, he had a special diet, but then on Oct 28 he got really sick, he was really weak, he didn't move at all. When we took him to the vet they didn't know if he had cancer, or if it was the crystals again, they couldn't put him under to find out what was really wrong with him, cause then he would never wake up, so we ended up putting him down. It was the best thing to do, he went through enough pain.

We will never forget the way he use to hind around the corner and go after our feet, or the way he would run after the dog when she didn't listen..We LOVE you Kumo!

Mom, Dad, Justin, & Ashly