In Memory of Boxer

In Memory of Boxer

I had a beautiful tabby cat by the name of Boxer. In my 22 years of life I've had numerous cats, but from the time I picked Boxer up as a kitten, I fell in love with him right away. I just knew he was different from all the cats that I've had throughout my life. He had such a personality. From the time he was a kitten he never left my side, he always slept with me, comforted me if I was upset, and loved to play hide a go seek. Everytime myself or my father would come home Boxer would be at the door waiting, then he'd start talking to us. And treats, he couldn't get enough. Every Christmas he had his very own stocking that hung with mine and my fathers, and every year I would go to pet value and buy him stocking suffers so he too would have presents on Christmas morning.

Suddenly in the middle of August 2002 I noticed Boxer was not eating, or drinking as much as he usually does, that was on a Monday. On the Thursday I tried to give him a treat and he did not care for it at all. Please keep in mind my cat weighed 15 pounds. On the Friday 08/16/02, I noticed he was a little yellow around his nose and mouth, so I brought him to the vet. The vet took some tests and agreed that he was a bit jaundice. He told me to bring him home and watch him over the weekend and I would receive the test results on Saturday. When he called me he said to bring him in on Monday to put him on IV to replenish fluids he'd lost. When I returned Monday he said the jaundice seemed to have worsened. They said to leave him there Monday and Tuesday, and I could pick him up Wednesday. So Tuesday I went to the vet to visit him and I was happy to see him eat a little bit. So I was little content at that fact so I went home. On Wednesday I excitedly went to pick Boxer up, he seemed quite happy to return home as well. But to my dismay he seemed to not respond to the fluids, he seemed very sad and I knew he was to sick to fight anymore. When I woke up Thursday morning my dad asked me if I had seen Boxer, I also noticed many spots where he had been vomiting. (I'll explain at the end) I knew at that moment that Boxer had to be put to sleep. My father made arrangements at the vet where he had been cared for, so within hours I was driving my boy to the vet to be euthanized. I brought him in to the vet, obviously in absolute tears. And within what felt like seconds I was saying good bye to my little boy. The worst part was knowing that I was leaving so upset, and the one who always comforted me would not be the one to comfort me on that day. My dad held him while they put him to sleep and my dad said that Boxer licked him before passing away. Which was kind of comforting.

The reason Boxer was so sick, and it became fatal so fast is because Boxer had a disease known as "HEPATIC LIPIDOSIS" a.k.a. "FELINE FATTY LIVER SYNDROME" and a.k.a. 'FELINE IDIOPATHIC LIPIDOSIS" It is a condition fairly rare but now increasing. It is commonly found in obese cats, and may also be caused from stress. What happens the body stops metabolizing fat and fat globules build up in a back log in the cell, eventually making it unable to perform it's normal functions. Some of the symptoms are lack of appetite and water, low energy, jaundice in the mouth, ears and nose, and vomiting. The only way to survive is if your cat eats and drinks.

I just wanted make everybody know how much I love Boxer, and I'm glad he didn't have to suffer, and he left so many very special memories in my heart forever. And if you notice any of the symptoms in your animal, bring them to the vet immediately. And if anyone would like to contact me regarding this disease you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In loving memory of my boy Boxer.
Jenn Crawford